Lake Norman Ragdolls cats and kittens are all on a 100% natural raw food diet!

I have been feeding the "Raw Diet" for some time now and have had great success!  Lake Norman Ragdoll cats and kittens' coats look better than ever and their overall health is outstanding. Please click on the links on the left for more info on the Raw Diet. 

In short, cats are carnivores so the absolute best thing for them is raw meat, just as they eat in the wild.  Think about it, cats would not be eating dry cooked pellets, corn meal, fillers, etc in the wild.  You can make your own raw food, which is great but can be a little yucky and time consuming and you also need to make sure that all of their nutritional needs are being met, or just purchase it premixed and give a raw bone & maybe a whole piece of raw meat here & there which they love to chew on, for their dental health (although the kitten premix that I buy from Blue Ridge Beef has beef & beef bone, chicken & chicken bone, organ meats and egg in it and is nutritionally complete for cats and kittens, the raw bones and larger pieces of meat are important & will keep their teeth & gums in excellent condition).  Or better yet and a lot easier, give them a bowl of a good quality grain free dry food on the side.  I have tried several packaged raw meats as well as made it myself, and am extremely happy with Blue Ridge Beef company's products and find the quality and value superior to the others. Their food is flash frozen to avoid the bacterial concerns you will read about when researching this diet. There are several retailers around that sell Blue Ridge Beef products & they will also ship to your door.

Kittens are all now weaned solely onto the raw diet and all of our adult cats are eating raw also along with a bowl of grain free dry food once a week.  I recommend Blue Buffalo/Blue Wilderness Grain Free or Taste of the Wild grain free dry food.   If this is something you are not interested in continuing, that is completely fine with us, really, and the kitten can be safely weaned onto a premium kitten food.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this diet & I would be very happy to talk with you about it.  Once you start reading about it, and see how much your kitten looks forward to meal time, you just may get as excited about it as I did and want to feed your Ragdoll raw food also.  All of my cats and kittens absolutely love it, it ends up being equal to or cheaper than premium cat food, and their poop is teeny tiny and hard and odorless because they are metabolizing so much more of the raw food . 

Update:  I purchased a heavy duty meat grinder and large chest freezer earlier this year and now grind and mix SOME of my own Raw cat & kitten food, (other than the Blue Ridge Beef Kitten Mix which I purchase so that your kitten will be weaned onto it before going home & which I send a 2 week supply home with each of my babies) . I have come to terms with the fact that I am not happy unless I am busy all of the time, so have added "MAKE CAT FOOD" to my long list of things to do.  If any of my kitten people are interested in "making" your own food, I will be glad to share my recipes with you!